Thursday, February 07, 2019

Learn LATIN With Us!

Kindergarten Girl is enjoying this story. It really helps with picking up words (including adding to English vocabulary). #HomeschoolLife #LearnLatinWithKindergartenGirlAndPrimarySchoolBoy

I worked out as much as I could about pronunciation. I mainly used Yandex and filled in a few words on Google Translate. All the pronunciations were gone over on the Latin side of Google Translate.
So, here we go ...
fabula= story (the story). In Romanian, this word means "fable."
patria= country
parare = to prepare/ready
filia= daughter
amavit= loved/He loved/loved it
ancilla= maid
magistra= teacher/female teacher
famulae= attendants
servae= those slaves Aria's comment ... "Ah, well. I don't think anybody wants to be a slave.
fenestra= windows
via= road/the way(of course)
laborare= work hard/hard
gloria= glory(of course)
silva= forest Sill-vuh in the story. Most things agree on seel-vuh, so far.
terra= earth (of course)
narrrare= tell
amica= friend
germana= full sister
meta= the goal
spectare= look
unda= water
regina= queen/the queen
Tip for Latin: Yandex works MUCH better than Google Translate if you happen to be working with sentences.

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