Monday, July 29, 2019

Listening To ...

-----400 Illinois National Guard troops are heading to Afghanistan. First they will be headed to some training stateside and then they will arrive in Afghanistan around September 28 (election day there).

Protea Adventure

This is a protea stem that I purchased sometime around 2006.
I like unusual flowers and miss having a store where I can find them!

This is a picture of the protea after it got older & started going to seed:

Below is my attempt to try to capture where the flower of the protea emerges. I noticed it after the flower started to die. Where the flower emerges looks somewhat like a pinecone:

Below is the arrangement I made with the leftover protea leaves. One way that I used to keep heavy flowers from toppling the vase is to put some stones in a wine bottle & then put it in a closely fitting vase....that is what is making the flowers stand in that pattern here....the protea leaves are resting around the wine bottle that blends in, yet sticks out, and the fake flowers are actually in the bottle...very pretty, but hard to capture in a photo.

Monday, June 24, 2019

In My Life ...

"Blue My Mind" is my current go-to color of nail polish.
A present from Husband who knows me well. :-)

A collection of short stories ... starting with a re-read of "Chrysalis."

Stella de Oro lily

BEAUTIFUL flower on a Joseph's Coat rose bush.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Service on Celluloid ... the official podcast of The National World War II Museum
"Service on Celluloid is a captivating podcast that takes a deep look at depictions of World War II on film over the last 70-plus years. In-house experts at The National WWII Museum, along with special guests, hold lively debates on the historical merits of treasured classics and smaller films alike. Films highlighted in this series include Fury, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, The Great Escape, and Twelve O’Clock High. This entertaining series examines Hollywood's portrayals—good and bad—of the 20th century’s most dramatic event"
---Some of the episodes are also on SoundCloud.
The double-wall insulation keeps your coffee warmer longer. :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I just started watching the series "This Is Us." I am not trying to catch up on the show ... just starting on the latest episode that is up on the NBC site. This The Cure cover was featured.

As for the show ... Season 3, Episode 18 ...
-----I usually hate prolonged teeth brushing sequences, or in this case coffee-making everywhere. It is somewhat reminiscent of the SO unecessary details in Stephen Kings The Stand (hence my teeth-brushing reference). Getting past my longheld annoyances, the coffee sequence in This Is Us does tell a lot of what is going on with the character's emotions.
-----And then, the actual The Cure song was used. What happened during the brief play of the song was a trope.
-----Cheering for Baby Jack.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Learn LATIN With Us!

Kindergarten Girl is enjoying this story. It really helps with picking up words (including adding to English vocabulary). #HomeschoolLife #LearnLatinWithKindergartenGirlAndPrimarySchoolBoy

I worked out as much as I could about pronunciation. I mainly used Yandex and filled in a few words on Google Translate. All the pronunciations were gone over on the Latin side of Google Translate.
So, here we go ...
fabula= story (the story). In Romanian, this word means "fable."
patria= country
parare = to prepare/ready
filia= daughter
amavit= loved/He loved/loved it
ancilla= maid
magistra= teacher/female teacher
famulae= attendants
servae= those slaves Aria's comment ... "Ah, well. I don't think anybody wants to be a slave.
fenestra= windows
via= road/the way(of course)
laborare= work hard/hard
gloria= glory(of course)
silva= forest Sill-vuh in the story. Most things agree on seel-vuh, so far.
terra= earth (of course)
narrrare= tell
amica= friend
germana= full sister
meta= the goal
spectare= look
unda= water
regina= queen/the queen
Tip for Latin: Yandex works MUCH better than Google Translate if you happen to be working with sentences.
"10 Traditional Spanish Dances You Should Know About"

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

About Schmidt

FINISHED watching. I have seen this movie before but only remember bits.
Jack Nicholson can express himself so well ... with just a look!
Warren Schmidt's life has been lived as many live their lives... being emotionally miserly. Now Warren must cope with losing everything that was a constant in his life!
-----Hmm. One person is telling Warren that he needs to take care of himself now ... while the other is saying how he would like to have Warren give money!
-----It is amazing how people fall for gimmicks and let them into every aspect of their lives. I suppose Warren might even see some of what he settled into doing in the choices of the young man in question.
-----Tuvan throat singers!
-----The Kathy Bates character is downright odious at times.

Tony Romas copycat and inspired recipes:
---Copycat Tony Roma's Baked Potato Soup
---Tony Roma's Kickin Shrimp Copycat
---Tony Roma's Inspired BBQ Chicken
---Tony Roma's Inspired Coleslaw
---"Tony Roma's Ribs Clone." I will be looking for a way to do the ribs without corn syrup though.
It's not Tony Roma's ... but we made some ribs recently. Ours featured Seagram's Ginger Ale(made with real ginger), a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce and a shot of Lord Calvert's Canadian Whiskey. We slow-cooked for 10 hours and it was fall-off-the-bone. :-)

-----Life is short and can't afford to waste it. What do you do that keeps this in mind??

-----I am pretty sure I understood the point at the end of this movie.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Soap Opera Thought ...
You know it's not gonna to be good news when an amnesia patient curls their lip up during the reunion.

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